the reader

Nothing is permanent in this world except change itself. This is a phrase almost all of us have said once or many times in their lives. It is a quote that has been plastered in our brains like “Honesty is the best Policy” or “better late than never” nd the list goes on and on.
These are words that guide us, challenge us, and make us understand life better so the road to where ever we are heading to is easier to follow.
I have been inspired by the photo above which I took this morning at the foot of the bridge of Janiuay. A bridge that has existed in my memory since my vacations in Janiuay when all our innocent minds thought were only play and sleep. The bridge that connects lives, places and memories. The bridge now has a different meaning especially when I viewed it in my camera lens. The two watch towers created by the Japanese during the war have become open and close qoutation marks as the long bridge meant the main sentence. The person with the dog is the reader who was fascinated by the passing motor vehicles. Yes, life is exciting.  
With schedules of things to be done, we have to spare some time so we could pay our respects to those beloved ones who have just passed away. Daddy Rene, who was my one and only daddy ( actually, he was the husband of my cousin Nang Angging). I remember asking Nang Angging the first time I meet daddy Rene of how should I call him. She wanted me to call him Daddy because almost every nephew and neice  calls him Daddy, I was so apprehensive of calling him that name because it felt so awkward and I thought that only rich people can use the word “Daddy”. I didn’t have a choice and I uttered my first “Daddy” and it felt like a foreign food in my mouth. I called my cousin “Daddy” until the moment I heard that he passed away…

The trip t o Janiuay was one that I needed, I need to meet my nephews who migrated to the far away lands of opportunities hundreds of years ago, I have to see Nang Angging because I miss my mama to the max, and most of all to day my goodbyes to my one and only “Daddy”.  It was a bittersweet trip but it has to happen.  Change is permanent and so is death but for those who are still breathing, we must be thankful for the little memories and surprizes that God gifts us everyday. We are all readers of a book called life, like the man with his dog, we must always look forward and be amazed of the everchanging scenery of life unfolding before us.

This trip showed me that a book, a phase in life, or a phrase qouted must never be read or understood literally. We must read between the lines and enjoy wiping the dusts and little smudges between them because these impurities make us get a damp cloth and wash the dirt and see the gleaming gold beneath.